Clay Time

Coil, slab and pinch

Ambitious ceramic projects are underway this unit.  Also, some disasters are occurring as the height becomes more ambitious.  Remember as Mr. Peeler said, “Timing is everything.”  Proper moisture is key.



Homework:  Due Monday, 11/20   YOUR MYTHOLOGY

Draw a full page color sketch of the facial features of a mythological character from your cultural background.  Be prepared to explain the character’s history.  This may be the character that you wish to portray in a mask, or you could change to another character.


Extra credit up to 10 points:

Create a clever meme (can be done one the computer) that makes sense with your character’s history.  You can use web imagery or draw it.  You should use the same character you drew for homework.



Coil, Slab and Carve

This week we began clay sculpting (or hand building).  The results look promising.  Lots of variety in student projects from cookie jars to sculptures of teachers.

Below is a photo of Arts/Industry artist Olen Hsu working in his studio space at Kohler Co. Pottery, 2006.  Kohler (yes the toilet manufacturer) has a residency program for artists to use their facility to make sculpture in Kohler Wisconsin.  Well worth a visit to see ceramics being manufactured on an industrial


Homework due Monday, 11/13

FOREIGN INFLUENCE: Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s collection page.  Type   “Ceramics (Culture of your Choice)” into the search box.  Using an example of ceramics from a culture other than American, re-draw your ceramics project showing the influence of the art you selected.  Post your inspiration piece with your name and its culture on the Padlet for your class below.

1st Hour Foreign Influence Padlet

5th Hour Foreign Influence Padlet

7th Hour Foreign Influence Padlet

Final Prints

This week students went on a print making frenzy and broke into some new creative territory by exploring non traditional techniques as demonstrated by a student below.  Each student hung one print in a non traditional location where it would have the most impact.


Homework due Monday, Nov. 6

Watch the two vintage videos in the link below by ceramicist Richard Peeler.  (He was an instructor at DePauw University and a ceramic genius.)  I hope you enjoy the soundtrack.  Its very “artistic”.  There will be a quiz on Monday about the video techniques shown.

Handbuilding Techniques

Coil Technique

Carving and Printing

This week students began printing and refining their prints of their Heros.


Homework due Monday, 10/30:

1. Finish inking line drawing of hero and refine essay. Email to me.

2. In anticipation of our next unit, sketch 20 thumbnail “vessels “.

Relief Prints


This week students began to create and carve the printing plates of the American Heroes they selected last week.   Each student must create a portfolio with at least five prints exhibiting their best examples of the following:

  1.  Clean black and white
  2. Colored ink print. (red, white or blue)
  3. Print on a Word Cloud
  4. Print with background text
  5. Awesome example

Homework due Monday 10/23:

Using 8.5 x 11 size paper, create a LINE ONLY drawing of your hero and surroundings that tell their story suitable for a coloring book.  Also mail me a 200 word description of what makes them a hero to  Below is an example of Penny Patterson’s bio from the Uni High Coloring Book.  Write to a 5th grade level.



FAA Contest

Take notice of this contest.  (You can’t use for homework credit, but you can still enter. )Entries are due to Ms. Evans by MONDAY, 11/27.


8th Annual FAA High School Art Exhibit

Small Works Art ShowSaturday, December 16, 2017 – Sunday, January 12, 2018Opening Reception: Saturday, December 16 @ Link Gallery, Krannert Art Museum 


Sponsored by: School of Art + Design at the College of Fine + Applied Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the Krannert Art Museum.

Eligibility: This “Small Works Art Show” is open to high school students in the middle Illinois area in grades 9-12. No more than 10 pieces per class. Please select up to the best 10 pieces to send to us for the show. We encourage you to make this class project, or an assignment for outside of class. We will only be jurying for prizes, but will hang all the artwork that is submitted to us by you.

Specifications: All 2D artwork should be 6 x 6 inches in size or smaller. All 3D artwork should be no larger than 6 x 6 x 6 inches in size. This is a “Small Works Art Show” for small artwork!  Students can create any subject of art they wish.



1st place: $100 art supply gift certificate for the overall Senior winner
1st place: Scholarship to FAA Intensive Summer Program to Best Junior, Sophomore or Freshman 2nd place: $75 art supply gift certificate to overall 2nd place winner
3rd place: $50 art supply gift certificate to overall 3rd place winner
School of Art + Design Choice Awards: $25 art supply gift certificate
Ribbons given



All artwork will be displayed in the Link Gallery at the Krannert Art Museum from Saturday, December 16 – Sunday, January 12, 2018. We are hosting an opening reception on Saturday, December 16 from 2:00- 4:00 p.m. at the Link Gallery for all teachers, student artists, families and friends to attend. We will announce the winners at 2:45 p.m. sharp! Our faculty will also be offering informal portfolio reviews for any interested high school student during the opening reception.