Washed and Ready

This week we critiqued the linear perspective ink wash assignments, incorporating some creative writing into the mix.

Two handsome art works by Tyra and Shreya are shown below.

Photo on 9-30-15 at 4.40 PM Photo on 9-30-15 at 4.43 PM

We are moving on to experimenting with watercolors.  Watercolor will build upon many of the  ink wash skills we’ve developed, but add a few more options into the mix.  Students have two choices of subject matter:  a collection or “a tree like me”.  With either choice, the art should show a sense of space by using overlapping and/or relative scale.

Other stuff:

By the way, check out this maker faire coming to town soon.

Homework due Monday, 10/5:  Research

Sketch 3 or more objects for “collection*” from observation.  Use different views, sizes and types on the same page.  For instance you could do a collection of coffee cups, musical instruments, toys etc.  (The collection you watercolor could be the same or completely different.)

*If you plan to do the “trees like me” option for the watercolor assignment, you should sketch 3 trees from observation.  Look for all the variety and “language” you can find of trees.  (e.g. decay, new growth, broken branches, holes etc.)