This week we choose one of our perspective drawings to develop in an ink wash.  After carefully drawing in our lines, bold moves were made with value to bring the drawing to life.  Below, Valerie’s creative example of juxtaposition of scale, brings a solid drawing to life.

IMG_8937 (1)

Love ink painting?  Learn more about the poetics of  Japanese ink painting in this 23 minute video from the Metropolitan Museum while you work on your homework.


  1.  Every fall National Portfolio Day comes to our area to help high school students prepare to choose programs in the arts that fit their needs.  Check it out!
  2. The School of Fine and Applied Arts at U of I has scholarship contest opportunities!  Deadline for Seniors is in November, but younger students have a little longer to apply for scholarships for summer classes.  Check it out!

Homework Due Monday 9/28:  Ink Blot Development.  

Creatively develop your ink blob by adding context, textures, color etc. to help us see the picture you see when you look at the ink blots.


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