Falling in line (with perspective)

This week the Studio Art 1 class perfected their understanding of two point perspective by drawing the houses next to Uni.  After refining our perspective, students added values, textures and shadows to give the drawing personality.

Next we began exploring ink and ink wash so that we are prepared to recreate one of our perspective drawings in this new media.

Homework due 9/21   Artist Choice:  Draw one of the options below including values.

1.  2 Point Distortion of Architectural scene.  You may redraw one of your previous drawings (recommended) or create a new drawing.  Narrow the distance between your vanishing points in relation to the scale of the architecture for dramatic distortions.

2.  2 Point Observational drawing of your house.

3.  Try an anamorph.   Use a simple subject matter like a skull or  coffee mug (unless you have lots of time).  There are numerous how-to’s on the internet…all with different directions!  This one,  The Secret looks promising, although I have not tried this technique.  Idols of the Cave is an intriguing blog about illusions that might be fun for the math geeks in class to study.

4.  Sketch a fantasy 3 point city scene using BIRD’s eye.  (We used worm’s eye in class.)

5.  Add 12 people in correct perspective to one of your 2 point drawings.  You could use tracing paper if you don’t want to change the initial drawing.  Be sure to use both vanishing points.


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