2 Point Perspective


This week Uni students solved their puzzle pictures, discovering an image made by the Italian artist, Piranesi.   Piranesi studied the classical architecture of Rome and also created fantasy spaces by using striking perspectives and strong values.  His work is shown below.


We have finished with one point perspective (after drawing DCL) and are now venturing into 2 point perspective.  If you need a little brush up on 2 point, try this link from the Virtual Instructor.

Homework due Monday, 9/14:  Create an observational 2 point sketch of a chair using correct linear perspective.  The chair should show values and cast shadows.  I suggest you select a chair that has meaning to you…perhaps one that a family member always uses and give your drawing some personality.  (Try to find a chair with some right angles, bean bag chairs or other amorphous shapes won’t work well for this assignment.)


Submit one of your visual art pieces this semester to Unique for up to 3 points extra credit.  Copy me on the email you use to submit.  Unique promises to give you a response, but not acceptance, however, I will give you credit for submitting.