Values and Perspective

This week we critiqued our full value thumbnail blow up and began to explore linear perspective.

Shown below are some thumbnail blow-ups that use a full range of values to depict little parts of Uni High by Emma and Ethan.

IMG_0015 IMG_0014 (1)

Both demonstrate that its not the subject matter, but the way you depict the subject matter that makes the drawing interesting.  Our critique explored both the formal and content/conceptual questions inherent in the art displayed.

We looked at Masters of Illusion from the National Gallery.  The link shows a bit of the movie, unfortunately I can’t find a full copy of it online, but could find Raphael’s fresco, “School of Athens”.


We practiced one point interior perspective in anticipation of our homework assignment.

For further reference about one point linear perspective, check book or web resources.  Here are two helpful web resources:

Virtual Instructor

The Helpful Art Teacher

Have a wonderful long weekend and go see some art!

Homework:  due Tuesday, Sept. 8

Sketch a one point linear perspective scene of the interior of a room.  The room could be an existing room, or a fantasy room.  The room should have at least 3 pieces of furniture plus windows and a door.