Thumbnails & Expansions

This week students collected 12 thumbnail sketches for future development.  Once again, emphasis was placed on CODE, but we are also tackling the topic of value (full vs. high contrast) as we progress.

In local art news, Krannert Art Museum will have a public opening of their fall exhibition on Thursday evening, 8/27 at 6pm.  I encourage you to join in the celebration if your schedule permits, or to see the exhibitions(s) sometime during the run.  Up to three extra credit points per student can be earned by emailing me a creative selfie with one of the Otterness sculptures at the museum.  (You must discover where they are.)  This offer is open until 12/12/15.

In class we will also be completing a group puzzle drawing, emphasizing full value ranges.  Below is a little teaser of a work made by the same artist whose work we will draw.


Homework:  (Due Monday)  Select one of your thumbnail drawings to expand (at least 6″x6″) into a high contrast drawing.  This means only black and white.  Minimize lines…think about shapes.  You may embellish the drawing to make it more successful as a high contrast drawing.


Welcome to Studio Art 1: 2015!

The new school year is off to a great start in Art 1.  We are focusing on drawing and have done quite a few charcoal sketches of the still life, emphasizing C.O.D.E.

C = Cropping,

O = Off center focal point

D = Diagonals

E = Eye, Bird or Worm

Charcoal is a wonderful material (although messy) for quickly adding values to a drawing.  Dramatizing the lights and darks will make our drawings stronger.  Great results so far.


We have looked at a few artists for inspiration.  Juan Cotan’s (shown above) dramatic hanging vegetable still lives with velvet dark backgrounds brings mystery and importance to a simple scene.


Another artist we have explored is William Kentridge.  His process of continually drawing and erasing to create an animation is similar to what we need to do in order to “finish” our charcoal still life study.  Kentridge talks about his artistic life arc in this longer video for Kentridge enthusiasts.

Homework:  Due Monday 8/24 Sketch a still life with 3 or more objects that are important to you showing at least 2 elements of CODE.  Values should be developed too.