High Contrast & Helvetica


This week students shared their font ideas to express new 2016 words.   We also watched the movie Helvetica, to learn all about it, and its ubiquitous use, especially by governments and corporations.  What was once designed to be tool for providing clarity and good design is now questioned.  How do you feel about it?  Who knew there were people who cared so deeply about such things?  But hopefully now you have some historic basis for justifying your opinions.

While watching the movie, students also finished their high contrast paintings which will be critiqued on Thursday.

Homework due Monday, Jan. 30

Please choose between the following:

  1.  Take one of the “ugly ads” from the 60’s and redesign it to appeal to today’s aesthetics and consumers.  Think about the transformation of the Coke ad that was discussed in the movie.  You are to make a similar transformation.  You must include a picture of the product in the ad.  Print out your result.
  2. Massimo Vignelli, the famous designer who created the American Airlines logo, still thinks Helvetica is the best font.  He says it can be used to express anything.  Please use Helvetica (or Ariel, its MSWord equivalent) expressively to communicate the following two sentences.  Print out your results.

I love it.

I hate it.

You may use the elements of design such as texture, scale, pattern, spacing, color, line width etc. to add to your expression.

5Th hour


Clara adds leafs, Mustafa glitters, and Christina paints .

The semester comes to an end.


The Finish Line

Everyone is working to finish their ceramics and mythological character mask.



Our final period activity will be a critique of both projects.

1st period – 8:15 to 10 am  Monday

5th period – 2:15 to 4pm Tuesday

8th period – 2:15 – 4pm Monday

There is no homework this week, but all boxes must be cleaned out by Friday for a total of 20 points when complete.

Good luck on finals!

Paper mache days

This week we continued with paper mache, eventually transitioning to glazing our ceramics pieces as time allows.  There is only a week+ to go, but lots to do!  Darshan is pictured in the foreground.  Ana’s mask is shown drying in the cabinet.


Homework due Monday, 12/12

Your options are:

  1.  Design a parade float for your mythological creature.  It should be marvelous, not lame.  The float below from the Rose Parade shows Pegasus.  It makes us happy to see it (or at least filled with awe).  Please no boring parade floats like the sad purple one below.rose-parade-float-cost


2.  Create a song telling your character’s history.   You can use a popular tune for the music.  Turn in your lyric sheet.  You can use a karaoke song for your background and perform for us.  You do not have to be a great singer, only a great lyricist.  We will help you sing if you print out the lyrics for us.


Mythological Creatures Mask

This week we worked off the Thanksgiving turkey by recycling clay!  After a day of messy fun, masks were shaped in clay and will be covered with newspaper paper mache after a few days.

Homework due Monday, Dec. 5


ADVERTISEMENT.  Design an ad for a product that could be endorsed by your mythological character.  Your creature’s endorsement must make sense with his history.  Ads must include at least one color illustration incorporating the image of your character.  Computerized lettering may be used.  Collage format encouraged.

Thank you!

Students who visited the Teachers for Social Justice conference at Wilson High School thoroughly enjoyed using the stamps that Art Club and Art 1 students carved.  They made stickers and then…stamped themselves to create tattoos.  Thanks so much for sharing your art with these students.  Many had never done stamping before and they really enjoyed the chance to make something artistic.