Thumbnails to Finished Art

This week we finished our charcoal still life sketches emphasizing C.O.D.E. and dramatic values.  The hallway display shows some very handsome work.  Work by Kevin and May is shown below.



If you are a fan of William Kentridge‘s work (remember the filmmaker who uses charcoal drawing, as seen below), you will want to check out this retrospective of his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s site.


Later in the week, we concentrated on collecting thumbnail sketches also featuring C.O.D.E.  One of these sketches will be developed into a full value graphite drawing.  Another one will be completed for homework, but done only in black and white.


Homework:  (Due Monday)  Select one of your thumbnail drawings to expand (at least 6″x6″) into a high contrast drawing.  This means only black and white.  Minimize lines…think about shapes.  You may embellish the drawing to make it more successful as a high contrast drawing.  Below is a high contrast still life by Gerald Lopez.  Notice how he shows volume, but doesn’t shade!




1.  Looking for ways to expand your drawings?  Check out this little article about using a sketchbook.

2.  Thinking about an art major in college?  Check out Portfolio Day.  It is a great opportunity to have your work critiqued,  and learn about art opportunities in colleges.


Welcome to Studio Art 2017!

Lucky you….you have Art in your schedule this semester!  Welcome! I hope you find this a fun, productive and interesting class.  I hope you learn a new expanded way of thinking about the world, expressing yourself and living a more meaningful life.  Art is such a natural part of being human, that it can get overlooked.  We develop our skills in math, english, history, but that same focus can be applied to art to make your world better.  Your art practice will take you far if you let it.  I hope this class brings you closer to realizing your artistic potential.

Although this is a multi media class, we will begin by building our drawing and composition skills, and then move on to other media.  I think by the end of the first month you will have several technical skills under your belt that will improve your drawings.

Drawing is a very personal medium.  It can be as simple as a pencil and paper and your imagination.  Below is a drawing by Ciprian Muresan entitled, All the Images from a Book about Matthias Grunewald.   I don’t know why this Romanian artist gave himself this project, but it is a great simple concept that shows you are only limited by your imagination.  It successfully suggests depth by the use of a variety of values.



Homework due Monday, August 21

In your sketchbook, create an observational still life of three or more items.  Use two or more items from C.O.D.E. (cropping, off center focal point, diagonals and bird or worm’s eye).  Your drawing should also have an eclipse reference either overtly or subtly.


5Th hour


Clara adds leafs, Mustafa glitters, and Christina paints .

The semester comes to an end.


The Finish Line

Everyone is working to finish their ceramics and mythological character mask.



Our final period activity will be a critique of both projects.

1st period – 8:15 to 10 am  Monday

5th period – 2:15 to 4pm Tuesday

8th period – 2:15 – 4pm Monday

There is no homework this week, but all boxes must be cleaned out by Friday for a total of 20 points when complete.

Good luck on finals!

Paper mache days

This week we continued with paper mache, eventually transitioning to glazing our ceramics pieces as time allows.  There is only a week+ to go, but lots to do!  Darshan is pictured in the foreground.  Ana’s mask is shown drying in the cabinet.


Homework due Monday, 12/12

Your options are:

  1.  Design a parade float for your mythological creature.  It should be marvelous, not lame.  The float below from the Rose Parade shows Pegasus.  It makes us happy to see it (or at least filled with awe).  Please no boring parade floats like the sad purple one below.rose-parade-float-cost


2.  Create a song telling your character’s history.   You can use a popular tune for the music.  Turn in your lyric sheet.  You can use a karaoke song for your background and perform for us.  You do not have to be a great singer, only a great lyricist.  We will help you sing if you print out the lyrics for us.


Mythological Creatures Mask

This week we worked off the Thanksgiving turkey by recycling clay!  After a day of messy fun, masks were shaped in clay and will be covered with newspaper paper mache after a few days.

Homework due Monday, Dec. 5


ADVERTISEMENT.  Design an ad for a product that could be endorsed by your mythological character.  Your creature’s endorsement must make sense with his history.  Ads must include at least one color illustration incorporating the image of your character.  Computerized lettering may be used.  Collage format encouraged.